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Dynahsti Entertainment

Vendi, is from Dallas Texas, she is Pop, R&B, Singer-Songwriter, Christian Contemporary, Jazz music artist and a blogger/Inspirational Speaker. Born January 13, 1992, she grew up in a family of singers and musicians. She was named after her father who is a Bass Guitarist. As a young girl, she always had an interest in music and acting. At the age of 14, Vendi and her sister started a group by the name of Dynahsti.  They were highly successful and was requested to perform on many music TV/Cable shows. They performed and opened for several well-known gospel/rap artist concerts. Dynahsti released a self-entitled CD and a Single named Super Hero in 2014. It was distributed nationwide, and internationally.


Currently, Vendi is a singer, songwriter, blogger, radio host, an inspirational speaker who is on fire for purpose! She has a new music project called “Therapy Sessions”. In the next 5 months she will be taking you through the journey of her becoming in love with herself and understanding whom God created her to be! Be a witness to Loves ups and downs through Vendi’s soul filled lyrics and melodies! She has a wide range of music that she want to share with you! This EP will be featuring R&B, Pop, Contemporary soul, inspirational music. Book her now at


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